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Mental body scan
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The future diagnostics
Why Mental body scan. In many affluent countries such as the Netherlands is increasingly becoming younger and in children gedialogiseerd a psychiatric disorder. Examples include autism dyslexia ADHD or other behavioral problems. Increasingly, one comes to understand that mental illness actually not a disease but a natural reaction to a physical imbalance adopted chronic forms. Mental Bodyscan enable a new (future ) way of diagnosis. Namely, by making use of the most modern electronic medical measuring equipment in order to excite the body and also to be scanned. This is the largest medical and technical challenges in mental health in the coming decades! Knowledge is power , look for the chronic impaired control circuits in our body that mental state of mind affects a harmful and negative way. Our body has numerous cycle control loops system. These are without really aware of its continuous active there. A contol loops always consists of three steps that repeats itself and can take place in a fraction of a second. Process 1 Perception of stimuli. This step is performed by using all of our bodily senses that new incentives to change any environment both inside and outside our bodies generate . Process 2 The processing of the stimuli . This step takes place in our brains the more changing incentives come in the active brains will respond accordingly. Process 3 The management of all our organs . This step sends through our nervous signals to our muscles and other organs , for example, can produce hormones and release are in our blood. Our body has several key states of mind in order to survive . I will appoint hree Major. 1 Mind state of mind. In this condition the body is in perfect balance with few incentives thus the body can recover and recuperate. Our brains are reset and cleared . 2 Mind state danger. Danger may be acute , for example, an open cut or impending instance seeing a predator while you yourself unprotected. In both cases, the body will adapt on the fly in order to have the greatest possible chance of survival. 3 Mind state of a sexual nature . This state of mind arises from the need to reproduce yourself and so the genes and give experiences on to a new generation. Why is the development of medical measuring instruments and knowledge about physical control loops so necessary ? Chronic impaired control loops can eventually lead to a mental disorder and even damage to the immune system. Especially with young children , it is important to measure a suspected the process from the body. This allows direct and better adjusted treatment be made by an expert. Challenges that need to be taken in order to be able to achieve this. First of all be aware of the many thousands of different small and large control loops in our body that makes what we unconsciously as a person for others are increasing. Further developing electronic tools to simulate all the possible incentives that process the body gets . The development of electronic measurement techniques there to measure the reaction and therefore how a person there unconsciously responding. Up to now, it is , for example, especially a technical story but may agree with the results thereof set a therapist on a plan to be able to reduce or replace the stimuli that are harmful to the development of the child . Soon more.